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Nor'West Controls is an Alberta based company incorporated in 1975.

Our origin came from contract instrumentation design, installation, commissioning, and startup of Petroleum, Petrochemical, and Power Projects.

Experience gained in Gas Chromatography in the Oil & Gas Industry led to our design and manufacturing of analytical sample systems, specialized sample system components, and Power Boiler water quality analytical systems.

Nor'West Controls has developed a line of analytical sample coolers specifically designed to cool hot water and condensate, and to sub-cool steam samples.

The standard coolers have A179 CS or 316 SS tubing but other materials can be used economically.

For applications with high amounts of entrained solids this design has the advantage of no sharp turns.

These coolers are available in the following sizes:

Model# Coolant Tube Sample Tube Surface Area
NCT-250 3/4“, 0.065W 1/2“, 0.049W 2 Sq. Ft.
NCT-150 3/4“, 0.065W 3/8“, 0.049W 1.5 Sq. Ft.
NCT-050 1/2“, 0.065W 1/4“, 0.049W 1 Sq. Ft.

All Nor'West sample coolers are ABSA Approved

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